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Mulberry Floral Art Gallery
Virginia Long Photography

A creative space with no rules

Mulberry Floral Art Gallery is an experimental studio creating photographic fine art prints as well as floral work using dried plant material. Inspired by the Dutch artists, I create traditional still life and beautiful floral images from my own designs.  The use of game, including pheasants, ducks and hares are brought to life in vintage style hunting imagery of a decidedly masculine nature.
Mulberry Floral Art Gallery has a small studio and visitors are welcome. I am working towards opening the gallery on a more regular basis - more to come on that. Morning tea/light lunch can also be provided (with notice) for small groups.

My approach to floral and still life photography is eclectic. I like to use flowers and organic material from my own garden, the surrounding native bush and the rural landscape. I am trying to capture the magic which is often impossible to capture in a single image. Photoshop is my box of crayons, and my artwork is starting to move into the realm of fantasy. I love to see how far I can push the floral and still life concepts, and compete with Mother Nature.

Many of my still life botanical images are redolent of the Dutch painters, especially their colourful work known as Dutch/Flemish florals and still lifes. 

Farm animals also feature regularly, bulls in particular. As I live next door to a bull farmer they are well used to me aiming my camera at them through the fence. It seems they all like to be picked out and have their photos taken, often I have to ask them to stand back a bit so I can get their ears in!

In creating digital florals I love to see how far I can expand on this concept.  Working with multi-layered images and found objects I like to create imaginative artwork which is totally original and unique. 

To frame or not to frame:  All of these images look equally stunning framed or printed on canvas, and it is only a matter of personal preference. All canvas prints have been printed and framed in NZ, and are of a high standard. 

It is difficult to choose framing that will appeal to everyone. Some will prefer a plain, simple frame, and others may go for a more ornate frame.  Therefore all artwork is offered as a print in two sizes: medium and large. 

Wander through my website, I'm sure you will find something you will love.


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